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Rob & Julie Koren

For over 25 years, Julie has sculpted architectural forms in clay, porcelain and composite materials; which have been commercially reproduced in the U.S. and Canada. From acorns to grapevines, it all found inspiration in her love for nature, she acquired, since early childhood; with family camping trips in Michigan to vacations in rural Canada. But her most cherished time observing, collecting and learning from nature was spent at her Uncle and Aunt’s fieldstone house on their remote 80 acre property. The wildlife filled woods and expansive grassy fields, sprinkled with delicate flowers, made for a curious child’s paradise. She also inherited a love for gardening from her grandmother and parents. You’ll often find her creating a new miniature garden in her (Korestone) planters; as this is a common theme in her yard or experimenting with new plant combinations. Julie’s one of a kind sculptures are scattered throughout the landscape;larger than life, fern fronds,nautical shell and a myriad of mushrooms; naming only a select few. Rainy days are always welcomed in the garden; redirecting creative energy toward new art projects. Keep an eye out for these, as many are on the horizon.

Rob has been designing and making architectural pieces for 25 years. We made our first pots and planters in 1998 under the name Pottery Impessions.  As a partner in Column and Post, the line was rebranded as Heirloom and sold nationally through Boarder Concepts, Pike Nurseries, and many of the finest independent garden centers in the country. In 2019 we relaunched the line using our own name, KOREN, llc.

We have taken these experiences and used them as the foundation for the classic urns and planters that we make. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and visiting our website. If there is anything we can help you with just let us know.


Inspired by the Picturesque Countryside of Tuscany with all it’s beauty and charm

hand art on pot

What Are They Made Of?

Koren pots and planters are made of Korestone,  a proprietary blend of ground marble, blended resins,  recycled material, and fiberglass. Korestone planters are nonporous and do not absorb moisture making them freeze-proof. This blend also produces a planter that is only 25% weight of similar concrete planters. The casting we produce is also superior in terms of strength to weight ratio. At a fraction of the weight, there is a considerable savings on shipping.    We use only the highest quality materials to hand-make our urns and planters. The unique formula yields a casting that is more authentic in appearance and will outperform any other planter you can buy.